Influenster Glow VoxBox Review

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Recently, the company Influenster was kind enough to send me one of their VoxBoxes filled with beauty products to test out! (who can say no to free products, right?) Influenster is essentially a sampling company that works with bloggers and Youtubers to help them sample free products. You're considered for each VoxBox based on your level of "influence" in the blogging world. Being such a small blogger, you can understand how happy and excited I was to hear that I'd qualified for this box! Read more about Influenster and their process here.

The Glow VoxBox is filled with goodies to help you achieve a natural, radiant summer good! Let's get into these goodies, shall we? Disclaimer: while they sent me these items for free, all reviews and opinions are always my own

Not Your Mother's Natural Royal Honey & Kalahari Desert Melon Repair + Protect Leave-In Conditioner

Not Your Mother's is one of those hair brands I'm slowly falling in love with. Seriously, their products are low-key amazing, and I don't feel they get enough recognition. They definitely should! This leave-in conditioner works wonders. The conditioner has a fantastic sweet smell, the sprayer mists the product extremely well, and my hair doesn't feel weighed down. Moreover, it works as a superb detangler. Two giant thumbs up from me!

Sinful Colors Desert Divas Nail Collection in Super Cooper

Super Cooper is a nail polish shade from Sinful Colors' Limited Edition Spring 2017 collection. (Not entirely sure if you can still get these, so sorry in advance if they're unavailable!) These polishes are infused with Mica flakes and have a bumpy texture, like if the nail polish had sand underneath it. This feature made me immediately worry about the appearance, but it ended up giving the polish an extra oomph without making it look uneven.

The color was another concern, because this girl is more about the light pink, lilac, and nude colors when it comes to nail polish. The olive color however inspired some floral nail art vibes, and I actually wouldn't mind seeing this on my nails on occasion. Overall, this was a surprisingly decent nail polish!

Flash Tattoos in Child of Wild Set 

Flash tattoos. How far they've come. These were exceptionally popular last summer, and this year they're back at it again. I've actually come across this brand a few times in my hunt for some good flash tattoos, so I was thrilled to see them in this box! The patterns in this Child of Wild set are your basic, everyday collection that isn't too out there or too intricate.

One word of warning: these tattoos are REALLY hard to remove. Granted, these are supposed to last 4-6 days, so their durability is a plus when you consider that aspect, but still. This tattoo was removed using four cotton balls soaked in baby oil and some intense scrubbing action. Definitely be cautious and pay attention to where you're applying these tattoos, because it's likely that area will be subjected to major scrubbing when you take it off. Aside from that little issue, these are excellent quality and I loved the way they looked!

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Clarifying Facial Wash & Scrub and Mud Mask

Shea Moisture can be found in many a Target and Walgreens store, but I had never tried it before. The face wash wasn't my favorite. It felt like it was rubbing all over my face instead of actually washing it. This did make my skin feel moisturized, so this would be a great option  if you enjoy that feeling. 

The face mask worked better! This really cleaned out my skin well, but again, it's not something that works significantly better that what I currently own. Shea Moisture really isn't a brand for me, but it could be a potential option if you're searching for more budget-friendly skincare products.

Have a great week!

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