Changing My Blogging Schedule

Monday, January 30, 2017

Photo Credit: Unsplash
This new spring semester brings with it a new set of changes. My goal is to become committed in posting far more meaningful, quality content than what I've given you in the past. Not to be misunderstood, I want to say that I've genuinely loved the content I've made in the past and don't dislike any of it. However, I've noticed a large difference in the unity, the quality, and the overall reception when more time and energy is put into a post (duh). 

I'm still trying to navigate the best ways to display content in terms of colors, styles, fonts, etc., and these last few months of testing things out have helped me figure out the way I hope to present content. In order to fit these new guidelines, my blogging schedule will be limited to just one or two posts per month. This needs to happen in order for me to create content at a far more polished and professional level.

Hopefully, you can all enjoy this new schedule and find it easier to connect to my content. That's been my goal form the beginning, and by implementing this new schedule, I think this could help it improve. Fingers crossed!

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