My 21st Birthday!

Saturday, June 04, 2016

So, yesterday on June 3rd, I hit a pretty big milestone in my life. I celebrated my 21st birthday! That means I can legally enjoy alcohol! Woohoo!

Now, I'm not really someone who drinks a lot anyway, but it's nice to know that I have the freedom to drink with friends if we all go out. It was very discouraging to be excluded from a lot of 21st birthday outings for close friends this year because of my age, so I'm glad that's no longer an issue.

To celebrate, I arranged a casual get together with a few friends last night and we went to eat at a pizza place called Lou Malnati's. I'd never been there before, so I was extremely excited. Now I normally get my deep dish from Giordano's, so trying Lou's was a new experience. Overall, I have to say they're both great places with pretty different atmospheres and pizza taste. Both have great pizza and are definitely must-visits in your life.

After dinner, we went to the Apollo Theater near the Red Line Fullerton station for an improv musical performed by a group called Baby Wants Candy. Yes, that's right, an improv musical. The whole premise is that after everyone comes into the theater, the cast asks the audience to yell out a title of a musical they'd love to see performed, and then the cast will perform said musical for the next hour, all with live music and singing. To give you an idea of what they've performed, some previous titles have been "Hermione and the Patriarchy" (the first show I saw) and "Kanye West Goes East." Last night, I was treated to the musical entitled "Saving Ryan's Privates," and yes, it was exactly about what you think it was. The shows are always hysterical, and last night was no exception. It definitely made my birthday memorable.

Now, we didn't end up going out to drink, since these plans were kind of put together last minute, but I'm planning to go out with friends at some point to a bar to properly celebrate. I am definitely not passing up the chance to be a 21 year old college student and feel completely cool going to a bar downtown. It feels like a rite of passage, and I know that with the right people, it'll be fun.

If any of you out there have recommendations for fun places to go, feel free to let me know! Any suggestions are appreciated!

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