Beauty Subscription Box Breakdown: Are Subscriptions Boxes Worth The Money? (Series to Begin Soon!)

Thursday, June 09, 2016

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Hi, everyone!

At one point or another, I've had subscriptions to a few different beauty subscription sites, each of which lasted a few months. You guys probably know I've been a long time subscriber to Birchbox based off the obscene number of posts I make about it, but I haven't really talked about any other beauty subscription boxes I was either currently subscribed to or was subscribed to previously.

To remedy that, I wanted to make a series talking about the different boxes I've gotten in the past. Each box will get its own post where I'll discuss the pros and cons about each brand at length. I have a good sense of product quality and cost to product ratios from the few months I was subscribed to each one, so those will be discussed as well. Some of the boxes I'll cover are from brands like Ipsy, Glossybox, and Choix, so keep your eyes peeled for those posts going up relatively soon! I'm not opposed to starting with one box or another, so let me know which one you're dying to see first. If you guys also have no preference, I'll determine which order to write them in based off an extremely scientific process: using the alphabet and writing them alphabetically.

I also think it's an interesting idea to explore some other boxes I haven't tried and mention them in these posts to give some alternatives to other boxes. They'll kind of be like dupes, but for boxes. I'll test run it to see how it goes with the first one and then run from there. 

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