My 5 Favorite Etsy Stores for Jewelry

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hi, friends!

I haven't done a fashion-related post in a while, so I thought I'd write one on some of my favorite Etsy stores for jewelry. Etsy is the primary supplier of nearly all of my earrings and rings, it's unreal. Keep reading to check out some of my favorite stores and see some noteworthy products from each shop!


  Delicate Gold Spike Necklace $28.00      Gold Threader Earrings $23.00                Initial and Opal Necklace Set $44.00              
Anikabella is a store with a lot of smaller, delicate pieces in primarily gold metal. Everything from the baubles on the bracelets to the gemstones on the necklaces seems to lean on the smaller side. I myself appreciate this a lot, since I'm a person who hates larger, chunkier pieces that feel like they're weighing me down. Most of the jewelry features turquoise, which looks exceptionally pretty in the summer months. I also believe this is the only shop on this list that sells a substantial amount of ankle bracelets. I may buy one of those myself, since I love wearing ankle bracelets in the summer. The pieces land in that mid-to-high price point, and while I can't speak to the product quality myself, it appears that the products are well made. The store has a five star review from over 800 reviews, so I think it's safe to say that Anikabella jewelry is a hit.

Boutique Minimaliste

  Raw Amethyst Necklace $32.00              Gold Circle Necklace $18.10                   Turquoise Summer Bracelet $22.00
Boutique Minimaliste has tons of pieces that are more earth and aquatic-inspired. Numerous necklaces and bracelets, like the ones pictures above, feature gemstones like amethyst or turquoise that add a minimalistic, yet distinctive special something to a look. Nearly all of the pieces feature gold metal, so I would suggest trying another store on this list instead if silver is your color. You can find a good spread of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in this shop. Boutique Minimaliste has a nice, simple variety of pieces that can suit any style for any occasion, but I do think this type of jewelry is better tailored towards the warmer months. This is a definite must-visit shop if you're in the need of some summer jewelry basics. 

Eugenie Bee
  Theda Headpiece $160.00                        Fitzgerald Ear Jackets $85.00                   Roma Headpiece $120.00
Eugenie Bee is probably the most expensive store on this list and to be quite honest, I've never bought anything from here. However, I mentioned it because I always catch myself coming back to look at the wonderful headpieces (even though I have absolutely no reason to buy one). Most of the jewelry has a romantic, slightly vintage look to it. While the store sells a wide range of pieces that branches out into earrings, necklaces and rings, I feel that the true standouts are the headpieces and earrings. They're just so intricately designed and absolutely beautiful. I'm currently eyeing the earrings I linked above, so we'll see if I eventually convince myself to purchase them in the future.

Lunai Jewelry
  Tiny Starburst Stud Earrings $25.00        Tiny Gold Bar Studs $16.00                     Round Moonstone Ring $26.00   
Lunai Jewelry is a store that carries a lot of delicate, yet statement pieces. They primarily sell earrings, which that range from delicate gemstone drops to edgier earring jackets, the latter of which is my signature accessory trend. I absolutely love jacket earrings and cannot get enough. I actually bought rose gold bar earrings similar to the ones above and I have to say, the quality is pretty great. They have lasted well since I bought them and most importantly, don't turn my ears green. Depending on what you want to buy, prices range in about the mid-to-high price range, with the more intricate earrings falling into the higher price point. Overall, this store sells some fantastic pieces, and I'll almost definitely be purchasing another piece from Lunai in the near future.


  Lilliana Ear Pin Earrings $18.00              Asymmetrical Bar Ring $14.00                Bella Drop Earrings $15.00
Lovoda is a more recent find, but I can already tell I'll be shopping here a lot. The pieces are of a simpler style, with many of the featuring clear stones. There is a good variety of staple earrings and rings that could be worn to suit any style. These pieces have an understated quality about them that just makes them effortlessly stunning. I also envision pairing up some of these pieces for a more dramatic look. The jewelry pieces are in the mid-price range , and most of can be purchased in gold, silver, or rose gold versions. Definitely check out Lovoda if you're looking to add some staple or stacking pieces to your jewelry collection.

Those are the five shops I wanted to mention. Hopefully this inspired you guys to check out at least one of these amazing shops to see the amazing jewelry that people can craft. If there are any other fantastic Esty jewelry stores you buy from, please let me know! I'm always on the hunt for some new jewelry to add to my collection.

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