Who am I?

My name is Natalie, and I'm a current undergraduate student trying to achieve a bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology. After I graduate, I'm going to attend Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine to begin my PhD in Immunology. Aside from that, I'm someone who watches entirely too much Netflix and can marathon a show or video game like you wouldn't believe.


What's this Blog About?

The whole reason I began blogging was to fight against the stereotype that you can either be a female interested in makeup and fashion or science/academics. There are such bad stereotypes associated with being a female who likes just one of these things, let alone both, and that aggravates me to no end! 

Fashion and makeup-loving girls get a bad rep because their passions makes them appear self-centered, materialistic, ditzy, and unintelligent, while the science girls get a bad rep because their passion for knowledge depicts them as shy, awkwardly social bookworms with no fashion sense. I don't deny that some people fit into these stereotypes, but they are largely inaccurate. Just because you're interested in one of these topics doesn't mean that you are automatically excluded from liking the other. Your passion towards one area of interest doesn't decrease the amount of passion you can feel towards something else. 

Hopefully through my blog, I'll be able to show that you can be equally passionate about two topics that exist in very different spheres. It's important to love what makes you happy, and nobody should judge you if the topics that excite you are diverse or at complete ends of the spectrum! That kind of passion regarding hobbies and interests is what makes the world turn, and it ultimately makes you a more well-rounded person in the end.     

Here are some fun facts about yours truly!

Age: 21!  Yay for being able to legally drink!

Chicago. Home of the best food (especially deep-dish pizza and hot dogs) that you'll ever have. 

Loyola University Chicago. I hope to attend graduate school somewhere in my lovely city once I graduate.

Molecular Biology. It sounds awful at first, but just think of it as the scientific cousin to genetics. Much better, right?

I have a wide variety of interests, but I enjoy everything from volleyball, reading, video games, and even singing and dancing. 

Favorite Clothing Store: Tie between the fashion trifecta of Topshop, Asos, and Zara.

Fashion Icon: At the moment, Suzie from Hello October or Allana Davidson from Youtube. Their styles are so classic and timeless. 

Favorite TV Show/Movie: Currently, my favorites are Stranger Things and Quantico.

Favorite Youtubers/Bloggers:

Fashion & Makeup:

  • Amelia Liana
  • Estee of Essiebutton
  • Fleur DeForce
  • Lilly Pebbles
  • Vivianna Does Makeup
  • Bunny of Grav3yardgirl
  • Stephanie and Tracy of Eleventhgorgeous
  • Rachel of Rachhloves
  • Leighannsays
  • Casey Holmes of itsbl0ndie
  • Lauren Curtis
  • In The Frow
  • Allana Davidson
  • Suzie of Hello October
  • Tiffany of MakeupByTiffanyD
  • Zabrena
  • Musings of a Muse (Blog)
  • Temptalia (Blog)
  • Bowtiful Life (Blog)

Video Games & Other Internet Things:

  • Game Grumps
  • Chad of OMGChad
  • Alex of PauseunPause
  • Aureylian
  • Jordan of CaptainSparklez
  • Rob of BruceWillakers
  • Deadbones
  • Steven Suptic of mlgHwnt
  • Jenna Marbles
  • Good Mythical Morning

Games I'm Currently Playing:
  • Minecraft on the OMGChad Twitch Sub Server
  • Party Hard (be warned, there's a LOT of murder)

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