Starting Over In a New Place

Saturday, March 05, 2016

In the stages of moving to a new place in real life, there are definitely some feelings of anxiety, worry,  and unsteadiness. "Is this move the right call? Will everything work out for the best? What if it all goes to hell in a handbasket?"

Those questions are applicable to not only a move in real life, but also a move from one blogging platform to another. In the next few months, I'll be transitioning my blog from Weebly to Blogger. 

(Just a small disclaimer: I have NO idea how this will turn out at all. It could very well blow up in my face and I'll end up going back to Weebly.)

Why the move you may ask? Here's the gist of it: I felt like my blog and I needed a change.
I started off with Weebly because the format was extremely clear and simple for me to understand. It was easy for me, someone with extremely limited HTML and coding knowledge, to navigate the format and make blog posts or format other decorative aspects of the site. While that's fine and dandy, I just feel like I've pretty much gotten everything I can out of it. I don't feel like there's any progression happening, which I realize is also partially my own fault. I can definitely put in more effort from my end, but I feel like the platform has offered me everything it could. It hit that plateau phase for me, and it's time for a fresh start. That's why I'm here on Blogger. To get that fresh start.

Hopefully the move won't be extremely horrendous and I won't mess everything up, but I can guarantee it'll take time for me to become used to this new format. I'll be adding in a few of the older posts so that there's some building point for me, but like any new venture, it'll take time before everything looks normal-ish. I'm also planning to upload an awesome template in the next week that will (hopefully, fingers crossed) make this blog look kickin'. Do people even say that anymore?

And before you judge me on using a template and not doing more things myself, I refer you back to the point where I said I have extremely limited HTML and coding knowledge. And by extremely limited I mean that it's barely there. At all.

Maybe this move won't be the best thing in the world and I'll be kicking myself for it later, but I have faith that this could turn out to be an extremely good thing for me in the future. Here's to hoping things work out for the best.


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